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Our graduates create things. The success of our graduates is a direct result of our active emphasis on practice. The term abstract is common in our discussions. However, it appears more in relation to our encouragement of thinking through problems. Our learning strategy pursues an applied process that is grounded in practice. Our pilot students have built a number of functioning applications, some of which power dozens of transactions daily and employ several people. An example is and, web applications that break the traditional barriers of state and borders for transnational trade and e-commerce for people in Nigeria. Current projects include UTMEmagic, which deploys the concept of effective learning as socially constructed in its approach to building a test preparation application. Another is MATHSmagic, an app for solving mathematical problems and learning about the solutions. It focuses on the West African school curriculum, while providing easy subscription access via SMS phone credit transfers. All our graduates are now fully employed as software engineers. CTI believes the focus on practice and products is a viable model for making dozens more like them.

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CTI publishes most ongoing and future projects on this website. These projects were entirely conceived and executed at CTI by our students and fellows. Browse through our list of projects and feel free to send us your feedbacks. Usage of project listings are subject to CTI intellectual property rights.

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Are you an aspiring CTI learner or want to join our fellowship program? You can apply to join any of our ongoing projects. Accepted applicants will have the opportunity to join the team on their selected project. CTI Learners must complete the execution of a full project or module within a larger project during the duration of their training

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UTMEMagic: UTME Exam Preparation Tool Current

UTMEMagic is a social learning application for students preparing for university entrance examinations. The application explores using participant performance as a basis for strategic stratifications, reward mechanisms and peer to peer mentorship to improved participant engagement and learning effectiveness.

Team: Kelechi Anyanwu

Level: Intermediate

Started: 2nd Jan 2014

MathMagic: Mathematical Solutions Provider Current

MathMagic is an application that provides answers to mathematical problems as well as descriptive and visual displays of how each solution was derived. It is the first of its kind that focuses on the various mathematical problems that are part of the West African secondary school curriculum, while providing easy access to students in the region.

Team: Isiaq Abdul-Azeez

Level: Intermediate

Started: 2nd Jan 2014

Circuit Atlantic: Procurement and Shipping Web Application

Circuit Atlantic is an online shopping platform for people in Africa looking to shop from US online retails stores. It provides an easy way to make the purchases in local currencies, estimate cost of international delivery and to have the goods delivered at local addresses. The platform also offers a unique method of user engagement during the process and until delivery which specifically addresses the anxieties of local users.

Team: Abiodun Ajibike, Debodun MacGregor

Level: Advanced

Started: 2nd Oct 2013

Shippyme: Online International Shipping Web Application

Shippyme is a web application that breaks the traditional barriers of state and borders for transnational trade and e-commerce for people in Nigeria. It allows users to automatically create a USA address, shop with their address on US sites, manage their handling and delivery options, and track the progress of the purchases until it is delivered to them. Shippyme includes an interactive system of dialogue between users and the package processing system that includes item's image updates and real time messaging, in addition to an automated billing and payment system.

Team: Abiodun Ajibike, Debodun MacGregor

Level: Advanced

Started: 30th Jan 2013

NGLOANCACL: Bank Loan Calculator for Nigeria

Nigerian bank loan costs are usually not clear and most borrowers don't have access to the total cost of such loans as well as repayment schedules, until they have applied for one - a process than can take weeks. Ngloancalc offers its users the opportunity to view details, compare costs and repayment schedules for multiple loan values before approaching a bank

Team: Abiodun Ajibike, Debodun MacGregor

Level: Starter

Started: 07 Oct 2012